Karen J. Sneddon

In a Law School Rut?


When in a law school rut, use these techniques to reignite your enthusiasm for law school.

  • Re-Read Your Law School Application.

Revel in all of your past accomplishments. Inspire yourself by reading your personal statement. Remind yourself of the reason you wanted to come to law school in the first place.

  • Visualize Yourself as a Lawyer.

Sounds silly, but visualizing your end goal—striding confidently into a courtroom, competently managing a closing—reinforces your commitment to achieve that goal.

  • Pit Your Wits Against Hollywood.

Voluminous reading and endless flashcard making getting you down? Watch a legal movie or TV show. Test your legal knowledge by spotting the script manipulations of the law.

  • Take a Hike!

Literally. Take a hike. Trade the stale air of the library for the fresh breeze of nature—and then come back to the books.

About the Author

Karen J. Sneddon is an Associate Professor of Law at Mercer Law School where she teaches in the areas of legal writing, client counseling, and trusts and estates.


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