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The Law Profs

Dear Law Profs: I’m Agonizing Over Grades

Dear Law Prof, I just received my grades from the first semester of law school and I am agonizing over one of them.  Do you have any advice? – Concerned 1L Dear Concerned 1L, Many law schools have mandatory curves, so relatively few students can receive the top grades.  As a result, receiving your first … Read more >

Stephanie Mann

As You Approach Your First Law School Exam

When you first begin law school, there is nothing more terrifying then your first exam period. For the most part, it is going to be a completely different experience from any other class or test that you have taken before. Your entire grade can rest on one exam; what you do in 2-4 hours will … Read more >

Andrew Perlman

Advice for Law Students: Distinguish Yourself (Video Interview)

Andrew Perlman, Professor of Law at Suffolk University Law School, shares his best piece of advice for law students.   Transcript ANDREW PERLMAN My advice is that there isn’t a single piece of advice that I can give to every law student. I think every law student has particular interests and is looking for different … Read more >

Daniel Bogart

How Should 1L Students Approach Their First Year of Law School (Video Interview)

Daniel Bogart, Professor at Chapman University School of Law, shares two important pieces of advice about how 1L students should approach their first year of law school. Transcript DANIEL BOGART I’m often asked about how best to approach the first year of law school. Students will ask me that, and I give a somewhat bipolar … Read more >

Jennifer Gundlach

Advice For First Year Law Students (Video Interview)

Jennifer A. Gundlach, Senior Associate Dean and Clinical Professor of Law at Hofstra Law shares the advice she most commonly gives to first year law students. Transcript JENNIFER GUNDLACH: I find that increasingly the advice that I give to first year students is to think about legal education very differently than undergraduate or even another … Read more >

Jeremiah Walters

It’s All In The Method: Preparing for Law School Exams

As a first year law student, you are at an interesting place in your life. On the one hand, you are now considered part of the academic elite, the top of the educational food chain. You are expected to be, and are, highly intelligent. On the other hand, however, you have absolutely no idea what … Read more >

Gayla Langlois

3 Pieces of Advice for Incoming Law Students

“Are you sure?”  That’s usually my response when I hear that someone wants to attend law school.  Not because I had a bad experience.  In fact, I actually loved law school.  (Words few law school graduates will utter.)  I have that response because it’s not a decision that should be entered into lightly considering the … Read more >