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Nancy Rapoport

Top 5 Things Law Students Should Know About Jobs

As part of a shameless plug (and foreshadowing!) about our second book in Wolters Kluwer’s Survival Manual series (the Law Firm Job Survival Manual—our manuscript is almost ready to send to the publisher for review), here are our top five hints for law students as they’re looking for jobs: 1. You’re always “on.” You never … Read more >

Earthen Johnson

Law Firm Interviews… Déjà Vu of Undergrad Rush

For you 2Ls who personally went through Greek recruitment at your undergraduate university or knew someone who did, you will likely be prepared for the three-ring circus of on-campus interviews or “OCI.” The first thing you should know is that the whole OCI experience from start to finish is a little random, and the outcome … Read more >

Karen J. Sneddon

A Critical Component of the Legal Job Search: The Writing Sample

In the closet, the classic dark suit hangs next to the crisply ironed shirt. On the desk, a resume detailing professional experiences and relevant skills lies underneath a carefully crafted cover letter. Ready to look for that great internship, externship, summer associate position, or permanent legal job? Don’t forget about the writing sample. The practice … Read more >