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Earthen Johnson

The In Crowd

As a mature and educated law student, you may have assumed that you no longer need to worry about fitting in and making sure that your peers accept you. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but  these things did not end with graduation from high school. The importance of fitting into … Read more >

Monika Dobbs

Survival Strategy: Tips for the Unemployed Law Graduate

Times are hard for everyone. At least that is what I am told as I face another month of unemployment after my law school graduation in May of 2011.  I have heard it all. I could probably create my own youtube video on “Sh*t people say to unemployed law graduates.” If you aren’t familiar with … Read more >

Douglas Whaley

How I Became a Law Professor

Becoming a law professor was largely the result of an alphabetical accident.  As an undergraduate (and indeed during all of my education to that point), I could make A’s if I applied myself, which usually I did only in the courses that I liked. The others I could make B’s in without much effort. Consequently, … Read more >

Jacob Raehn

Summer Jobs: The Good, The Bad, and The Unpaid

Law school has presented many new challenges for me.  One of the biggest challenges I faced was how do I get a summer job when everyone is just as smart or smarter than I am? Everyone is essentially qualified to do the same thing after one year of school so where do you go from … Read more >