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Karen J. Sneddon

It Was the Best of Exams; It Was the Worst of Exams: How to Maximize the Learning Opportunities of First Semester Grades

The cold winds of January usher in a new semester. This may be an invigorating breeze of excitement or a bone-chilling gale of dread. The shine of newness has begun to rub off of law school. First semester grades are released. Jump-start your spring semester by reviewing your fall semester exams. It may seem like … Read more >

Jeremiah Walters

It’s All In The Method: Preparing for Law School Exams

As a first year law student, you are at an interesting place in your life. On the one hand, you are now considered part of the academic elite, the top of the educational food chain. You are expected to be, and are, highly intelligent. On the other hand, however, you have absolutely no idea what … Read more >