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Mark Wojcik

Are There Too Many Lawyers? (Video Interview)

Professor Mark Wojcik from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago answers the question, “Are there too many lawyers?”     Transcript MARK WOJCIK: When you’re in law school people will tell you, “Why are you going to law school? There’s too many lawyers.” They say, “You know, you’re not contributing anything to society.” They … Read more >

Daniel Bogart

How Should 1L Students Approach Their First Year of Law School (Video Interview)

Daniel Bogart, Professor at Chapman University School of Law, shares two important pieces of advice about how 1L students should approach their first year of law school. Transcript DANIEL BOGART I’m often asked about how best to approach the first year of law school. Students will ask me that, and I give a somewhat bipolar … Read more >

Marc Miller

Is law school still worth it, given the high cost? How can a prospective student decide? (Video Interview)

Marc Miller, Vice Dean and Professor of Law at The University of Arizona College of Law, answers the questions, “Is law school still worth it, given the high cost? How can a prospective student decide?” Transcript MARC MILLER: How do you decide whether the enormous cost — financial and human cost, three years is a long … Read more >

Ann Murphy

How Can Law Students Prepare for Entering the Workforce (Video Interview)

Ann Murphy, Professor of Law at Gonzaga University School of Law, answers the question: “How can law students prepare for entering the workforce and representing real life clients?” Transcript: ANN MURPHY: If students want to be prepared, when they are in law school, to prepare for the future, there’s a number of things they can … Read more >