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Keith Elkin

10 Common Reasons for Failing the Bar Exam

Before starting the bar exam preparation process again, unsuccessful examinees should take a look back and determine why they failed because understanding the reasons for failing will help guide their preparation efforts this time around. The common reasons for failing the bar exam are not mutually exclusive and many are related. Don’t be surprised if … Read more >

Stephanie Mann

What to Expect At the Bar Examination

Throughout law school, a student constantly hears about the bar examination. You spend your law school career and the summer (or winter) after graduation preparing for this exam, and then three years of study culminates in a grueling examination over the course of two days. The very notion of the bar examination is so daunting … Read more >

Gayla Langlois

Eye on the Prize: Advice for Passing the Bar Exam

Towards the end of law school, there are some momentous occasions: your last class, for example, and last exam. I have a fond memory of going to Flash’s for fun (aka girly) drinks with my friends every year after our last exam. And then there is graduation day. You may start thinking of all the … Read more >

Keith Elkin

Five important points to keep in mind as you begin your bar exam preparation

The best time to pass the bar exam is the first time.  One’s odds of passing a bar exam do not increase the second time around; in fact the opposite is true across jurisdictions: one’s odds of passing decrease dramatically with each successive attempt.  Do not take the bar exam until you are ready.  If … Read more >