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Nancy Rapoport

Top 5 Things Law Students Should Know About Jobs

As part of a shameless plug (and foreshadowing!) about our second book in Wolters Kluwer’s Survival Manual series (the Law Firm Job Survival Manual—our manuscript is almost ready to send to the publisher for review), here are our top five hints for law students as they’re looking for jobs: 1. You’re always “on.” You never … Read more >

Gayla Langlois

Choosing an Alternate Path: Using Your Law Degree Without Practicing Law

I think it’s fair to say that most people who have a law degree practice law in some form.  I was one of those people until about a year into my first legal job, when I decided to veer off the expected career path.  (I am happy to say that I rarely look back.)  It … Read more >

Monika Dobbs

KIT, TTYL: Easy Networking for Law Students

Networking can often feel like a horrible chore your mom asked you to do. “Mom, do I have to?”  When it comes to networking, the answer is, “YES, you do!”  Networking is more about building relationships, and less about building a tower of business cards.  You can start by building relationships with the people you … Read more >

Chris Fletcher

How to Maximize Your Chances at Finding a Job (Especially in this Challenging Economy)

Like most people, I went to law school with a specific job goal in mind. I graduated in May 2011 without having gone to a “top” school and yet I landed my dream job at the end of 2011. How did I do it? While this economy is challenging for the majority of Americans, most … Read more >

The Law Profs

Dear Law Prof: I Need a Summer Job

Dear Law Prof, I want to know how to go about finding a summer job—what kind of job would look best on my resume and also be interesting and fun? – Job (and Pleasure) Seeker   Dear Job (and Pleasure) Seeker, There is no one magic recipe for the best job combined with the most … Read more >