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Jennifer Gundlach

Advice For First Year Law Students (Video Interview)

Jennifer A. Gundlach, Senior Associate Dean and Clinical Professor of Law at Hofstra Law shares the advice she most commonly gives to first year law students. Transcript JENNIFER GUNDLACH: I find that increasingly the advice that I give to first year students is to think about legal education very differently than undergraduate or even another … Read more >

Monika Dobbs

KIT, TTYL: Easy Networking for Law Students

Networking can often feel like a horrible chore your mom asked you to do. “Mom, do I have to?”  When it comes to networking, the answer is, “YES, you do!”  Networking is more about building relationships, and less about building a tower of business cards.  You can start by building relationships with the people you … Read more >

Ann Murphy

How Can Law Students Prepare for Entering the Workforce (Video Interview)

Ann Murphy, Professor of Law at Gonzaga University School of Law, answers the question: “How can law students prepare for entering the workforce and representing real life clients?” Transcript: ANN MURPHY: If students want to be prepared, when they are in law school, to prepare for the future, there’s a number of things they can … Read more >

Karen J. Sneddon

Summer Success: Five Questions to Ask the Assigning Attorney

After a ream of resume paper bolstered the earnings of the U.S. Postal Service, you have secured that seemingly elusive summer opportunity. Well, now how do you maximize that opportunity to see the law in practice in a manner that promotes your professional development and impresses your supervisors to compose a glowing recommendation letter (or, … Read more >