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Keith Elkin

10 Common Reasons for Failing the Bar Exam

Before starting the bar exam preparation process again, unsuccessful examinees should take a look back and determine why they failed because understanding the reasons for failing will help guide their preparation efforts this time around. The common reasons for failing the bar exam are not mutually exclusive and many are related. Don’t be surprised if … Read more >

Stephanie Mann

As You Approach Your First Law School Exam

When you first begin law school, there is nothing more terrifying then your first exam period. For the most part, it is going to be a completely different experience from any other class or test that you have taken before. Your entire grade can rest on one exam; what you do in 2-4 hours will … Read more >

Douglas Whaley

Law School Exam Strategy: 30 Tips for Before, During, and After the Exam

GETTING STARTED Everyone gives you different advice. Take what sounds right to you and ignore the rest. The best way to do well on exams is all too obvious: study! Even if you’ve slacked off until now on this requirement, it’s still not too late to put in the time. Okay, studying is hard work, … Read more >

Jeremiah Walters

It’s All In The Method: Preparing for Law School Exams

As a first year law student, you are at an interesting place in your life. On the one hand, you are now considered part of the academic elite, the top of the educational food chain. You are expected to be, and are, highly intelligent. On the other hand, however, you have absolutely no idea what … Read more >

Stephanie Mann

The Daily Struggle of Studying for the Bar Exam

Congratulations! You have just finished a grueling three years of law school. After 36 months of hard work, you now finally possess your Juris Doctorate. But don’t let that celebration last too long: Before you have had a chance to fully recover from your last set of finals and the excitement of graduation, you will … Read more >