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The Law Profs

Dear Law Prof: How Can I Be Successful and Happy in My First Year of Law School

Dear Law Prof, I am starting law school this fall and wondered if you have any advice or suggestions about how to be successful and happy in my first year? – Almost Minted 1L Dear Almost Minted, We’re happy to share our advice with you.  We’re including our handout of what we wish we had … Read more >

Stephanie Mann

The Melting Pot of Graduation

As graduation looms in the coming days, I am a melting pot of every sort of emotion. After going to school for twenty years and working my entire life to reach this one goal, I find that I am hours from achieving it and I do not know which emotion dominates. Of course, one of … Read more >

Stephanie Mann

The Week It All Fell Into Place

The best week ever in law school occurred during the first semester of my 3L year. I had been toiling away at law school for over two years and there were certainly times when I was incredibly frustrated by the amount of work that I had and difficulty understanding the concepts that the professors were … Read more >

Karen J. Sneddon

Summer Success: Five Questions to Ask the Assigning Attorney

After a ream of resume paper bolstered the earnings of the U.S. Postal Service, you have secured that seemingly elusive summer opportunity. Well, now how do you maximize that opportunity to see the law in practice in a manner that promotes your professional development and impresses your supervisors to compose a glowing recommendation letter (or, … Read more >

Jeremiah Walters

Law School is a Path, Not a Mountain

My first semester of law school was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life.  Now, for those of you who do not know me (ahem, everyone) I am not the type of person to get nervous about things.  The problem was that I had built this whole experience up in my mind as … Read more >