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Jeremiah Walters

Long Since Gone: Summers Before Law School

Summers are a time of porch swings, swimming pools and sweet iced tea.  It’s a time for relaxing and enjoying life.  At least it used to be.  Now, for us law students, it’s a time for more stressful work.  It’s a time to sit back and reminisce about those joyous days while we chip away … Read more >

Karen J. Sneddon

Summer Success: Five Questions to Ask the Assigning Attorney

After a ream of resume paper bolstered the earnings of the U.S. Postal Service, you have secured that seemingly elusive summer opportunity. Well, now how do you maximize that opportunity to see the law in practice in a manner that promotes your professional development and impresses your supervisors to compose a glowing recommendation letter (or, … Read more >

The Law Profs

Dear Law Prof: I Need a Summer Job

Dear Law Prof, I want to know how to go about finding a summer job—what kind of job would look best on my resume and also be interesting and fun? – Job (and Pleasure) Seeker   Dear Job (and Pleasure) Seeker, There is no one magic recipe for the best job combined with the most … Read more >