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Daria C. Awusah

Law Students and Lawyers Working Abroad: A Personal Experience

From the start of law school, rarely did I hear about lawyers or law students working abroad.  Yes, I heard numerous mentions of studying abroad or volunteering overseas, but rarely were there discussions about using your law degree while living overseas.  I remember speaking to an international law professor on one occasion, telling him exactly … Read more >

Monika Dobbs

Feel the need to Escape Law School? Consider Spending the Summer Abroad

Has this ever happened to you? You are sitting in criminal law class distracted by the idea that you haven’t prepared for property class.  You have a strong feeling it is your turn to get called on so you try to mentally prepare while checking your Facebook page to see what normal people are doing … Read more >

Jacob Raehn

Summer Jobs: The Good, The Bad, and The Unpaid

Law school has presented many new challenges for me.  One of the biggest challenges I faced was how do I get a summer job when everyone is just as smart or smarter than I am? Everyone is essentially qualified to do the same thing after one year of school so where do you go from … Read more >